Our trip to Wales🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

Our trip to Wales🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

Before starting my new job and decreasing my hours at Tesco, I had a well earned 2 and a bit week break. Within this break me and my boyfriend took a trip across the country for a few days. Sadly the reasoning for the trip was a funeral, however we made the most out of the situation. Wales is around 5/6 hours away from us in little old Norfolk, and seeing as neither of us wanted to really do both journeys we decided to split it on the way up there. Therefore I drove about 3 hours to Droitwich, just off the M5 and near Birmingham. It was just over halfway to where we were going in Wales and seemed a perfect stopping point.

In Droitwich we stayed in a lovely AirBnb (for an amazing price) which I wished could have been more than a one night stop over. The AirBnb was set on a pretty little complex of apartments with a leisure centre and restaurant/cafe on site. What amazed me and wanted me to stay longer was that we were allowed full use of the leisure centre’s facilities. For someone who adores swimming, this was a deal maker. The facilities were amazing. (I ended up spending the entire time in the hot tub, not gonna lie.) I will link the AirBnb below but have some photos! (We forgot photos of the actual apartment soz)

The next morning I drove the 1 and 45 minute journey to Cardiff. The area we were going to for the funeral was Llantwit Major and was around 40 minutes from Cardiff so we decided it was a good place to visit for the day. Elliott had never been to Wales and the whole day was enjoyable and quite exciting. Below is an example of the photos Elliott likes to take where I can’t smile due to the sun leaving me squinting. Attractive, huh? There’s also a photo of the sign for Cardiff castle, and our attractive reflections in an 18th century mirror.

We parked centrally and walked around the shops for the first little while (could not resist) and I bought my soon to be favourite pair of trousers. Dogtooth pattern, I love you. And then we went along to explore the castle. I’m a big lover for history and areas that hold deep stories and meanings, so I found this so exciting. Especially as one of my favourite topics to learn about is World War 2, and upon walking around the castle walls I discovered that the walls were used for bunkers during air raids! The whole walkway was dim with sounds of sirens playing and music, with all the original posters on the wall. There were also original benches and bunk beds, and it honestly chilled me to think about the amount of people crammed into here listening to the air raids commencing. IMG_3453

I thoroughly enjoyed the castle, and so did Elliott. There’s so much to explore, whether it just be the grounds of the site or whether it be for the architecture or interior designs of the houses. Climbing up to the top of the castle was my highlight, although not ideal for some as it was incredibly steep!

In the evening, we went to an O’Neill’s for a quick spot of dinner before heading to Llantwit Major. The next morning I got to re visit the lovely beach and cliff sides that were a frequent visit for me when I was younger. However, me and Elliott happened to take a wrong turn and walk through a farmers field…Ending in me with mud covered shoes and legs, bramble cuts on my legs and having to ‘gracefully’ clamber over a fence to get back onto the path. But we got 2 miles of walking in!

I really love Wales. Coming from a landscape of rather flat land, it’s so refreshing to be somewhere with a higher terrain and actual hills and cliffs. I love exploring new places and this area of Wales is the main area I have visited, as well as Swansea. Do you have any recommendations of other areas I should visit? Let me know!

Have a look at my favourite photos from our trip…

As you may tell, Elliott thoroughly enjoys taking ‘candid’ photos where I am obviously not prepared…I should be a model? 🤷‍♀