My Top 3 Ultimate Liquid Lips 👄💄

My Top 3 Ultimate Liquid Lips 👄💄

In today’s world of make up popularity and competition with brands releasing items all the time, it’s hard to keep up on which products are actually worth your coin. In 2016, (which seems like a decade ago now) liquid lipsticks blew up a storm. Liquid lipsticks sudden had the popularity of the world. And when I think back, I think liquid lipsticks were the main reason that I got so involved into the love and adoration of make up.

I always watched Bunny on YouTube, (grav3yardgirl) and enjoyed her attitude to life and her excitement. At this point I was very early on into the YouTube community and didn’t watch a lot of bloggers, and I also had no interest in make up whatsoever. However I remember a video from Bunny that featured her swatching a whole range of liquid lipsticks (forgive me, I can’t remember the brand!) And I remember being so amazed, a lipstick that dries down and can stay on for hours?! A transfer proof lipstick? This is when I encountered beauty bay, and from here I purchased my first lipstick from Gerard Cosmetics.

Gerard Cosmetics Hydra Matte Lipstick in ‘Skinny Dip’

Now I’m one of them complete lovers of make up, forever wishing I had the commitment and popularity to be an influencer and receive all the free make up. Oh, what a dream. Of course for that, you actually need to be fairly skilled at make up. And I’d call myself amateur at best.

Now as my love for make up grew, my real love stuck with liquid lipsticks. I felt like they were the true end to any make up look and were so easy for looking done all day. Now, I have over 30 liquid lipsticks in my make up drawers and I decided to discuss with you which ones are my favourite!

No. 1- Lime Crime Matte Velvetines

Lime Crime Matte Velvetine in shade ‘Bleached’

When I first received my lime crime lipstick, I was still fairly new to make up and wasn’t aware of different consistencies in make up. Long story short, as I tried to swatch the colour on the back of my hand the tube fell over. No problem normally, right? Nope. The lime crime liquid lipsticks are unusually runny and I lost about 5 applications worth. (I have tiny lips)

However this isn’t a negative point against these, as the lime crime range are my absolute favourite lipstick to wear. They are that perfect lipstick that will last all day, unless you’re really putting it through it’s paces. My absolute favourite for feeling like nothing is on my lips whatsoever. The runny consistency makes them much more moisturising and comfortable when laying on the lips. They also give me no image of the butthole lip* and also no horrible shrunken wrinkles all over my lips! Fab!

No. 2 Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks

Kat Von D Everlasting liquid lipstick in ‘Lolita II’

Kat Von D was one of them names I had heard of since I was a child, mainly being swayed away from her as she was seen as ‘bad’ being covered in tattoos which when I was young was almost a taboo. I found her absolutely stunning and her tattoos, as well as her TV show where she tattooed, completely mesmerising. When I saw the buzz on YouTube about her make up line, safe to say I was excited. But of course being in good old England I had to wait a little while until I could get my first trial of the make up line. Americans you have no idea how lucky you are when it comes to make up. There is so SO much I am dying to try but we can’t here! And customs can kill you.

Anyway. I remember getting the email that the range had finally launched in Debenhams. I jumped straight onto my phone to order myself something. Being still in college with a part time job, I couldn’t afford much. This was my first taste into high end make up. I purchased the ‘London’s calling’ limited edition set that included the Tattoo liner in ‘Trooper’ (Side note, the BEST eyeliner I have ever used and I have tried a lot. The pen is so thin and makes it so simple to create wings-and to keep going over them when you eff up). It also contained a Studded Kiss lipstick in the shade ‘Lolita’ and an Everlasting liquid lip in the shade ‘Double Dare’. Lolita was also a colour in the liquid lipstick which I managed to purchase before it got discontinued, and reproduced as ‘Lolita II’. At this time as the range was new, Debenhams was also posting this set out with all orders. So I had two of everything. Fab.

The Everlasting liquid lipsticks are gorgeous. The colour range is ever growing and they are all stunning. You can go for a subtle pink, or you can go for a bright gold or blue. The line represents Kat completely, as well as the absolutely stunning packaging with the black floral details around. Such a lovely looking cosmetics range that honestly if I had the money I would buy just for display as everything looks so pretty! Now if I don’t apply  a balm beforehand, these can have a tendency to wrinkle my lips out a little bit. But that’s my own fault if I have dry lips! I don’t believe the staying capacity is as long as some other lines, but it looks so beautiful applied that I can forgive that.

No. 3 Jeffree Star’s Velour Liquid Lipsticks


Now I’m no stranger to the controversy surrounding J*, and I’d like to say now that I am in no way a fan. I can bare about half of one of his YouTube videos as I find his demeanour way too overwhelming and to be honest I don’t really like him as a person- Don’t give me hate, we all have opinions. But when his cosmetics line dropped and there was SO much drama surrounding it, it was hard not to notice and not to get curious. My first purchase was ‘Rose Matter’ in the liquid lips. This is a PSA to never trust the pictures that brands show you of shades. I was like ‘Ooh yeah, this is a nice subtle pink that’ll match my skin tone really nice’, and at that time £16 was an expensive price for a lipstick. Well, ‘Rose Matter’ is more of a very neon Barbie pink is the only way I can describe it. It would look beautiful on some skin tones, but me? Nah. Especially as at this point I was still fairly self conscious and I hated make up that drew attention to me. But for a laugh, have a look at the only time I actually worse this shade and it was for Halloween…FB_IMG_1509531920831

Yeah, the only time I felt this lipstick was suitable was when I was Daphne from Scooby Doo…

However, (I’m saying however a lot, I apologise) my next purchase was from the collaboration with Manny Mua. At this point, I hadn’t overly heard of Manny. I watch a few videos of his from time to time but he’s on the same kind of level as Jeffree where I just get a little irritated sometimes with the personality. But I have to say, when I have the confidence to wear it, ‘I’m Shook’ is my absolute favourite lipstick I have. Now it’s not my favourite ever, as I said above that that is lime crime, but it is my favourite shade and my favourite for how it performs. It’s a beautiful bright coppery red, and it is so opaque. In key with the name, I applied that lipstick and I was shook. The colour was so vibrant and applied beautifully as well as being so bright and eye catching, and with my tiny lips I usually hate reds but I love this.

Also shout out to the lovely scent that J* cosmetics lipsticks hold as they smell amazing.

*Honorable mention to the lip ammunitions from Jeffree also. I don’t like wearing actual solid lipsticks due to the transferring and the slip/longevity. However, I have the shade ‘Birthday Suit’ from the Summer collection and I can apply this and eat a full meal, and the lipstick is gone of course. And I don’t know if this is on purpose, but it’s almost a lip tint. I will have that pink colour on my lips ALL night and usually until the next day*

So that’s that summed up! My top 3 liquid lipsticks. Sorry if this was long and rambly, this whole blogging thing is still new to me. Please leave a like if you enjoyed reading, and please leave me a comment with your thoughts and feedback!

Lots of love x

*Shout out to Safiya Nygaard for creating ‘butthole’ lip where you apply a lipstick and you can still see the inner colour of your lips.

Monday Madness

Monday Madness

So the title of this blog was going to be Monday blues…but seeing as I just received a phone call confirming I’m going into a new job, there is no blue skies over me!

Everyone dreads the start of the week which can be understandable as it’s usually the start of peoples working week or school life. However working in retail, my start of the week is Saturday and the end is Tuesday. So at this moment, Monday’s mean absolutely nothing for me.

However, this new job is going to give me weekends off for the first time in 5 years! (Ignoring the fact it’s an apprenticeship so I may have to still work Sundays but we’ll ignore that)

I’m going to be doing an apprenticeship in baby room of ages 0-2 at a local nursery and honestly I am so ecstatic. I love children. All I had today was an hour trial and I just fell in love and the time passed so quickly just playing and reading with the children. It’s honestly my dream job.

So that’s how my Monday’s gone. This was going to be a blog moaning about Monday’s and how crap the weather is etc but I’m in such a good mood now that I can’t get the courage to moan!

How are your Monday’s going so far?



I feel like this word, as well as ‘mental health’, instills a deep fear into people as soon as they read it. I hope that one day this will change but deep inside me I don’t believe that it will. I’m still too scared to tell certain people around me that I suffer from anxiety. Some people I don’t tell because they won’t care, everyone seems to be on anti depressants lately. What makes me so special? Others I don’t tell because I’m scared they’ll care too much.

The main part of my anxiety is worrying. Yet funnily enough, I don’t tell people so that they don’t worry about me. Funny, huh? 

I’ve struggled with anxiety for as long as I remember, although it was only early this year that it got too much for me and I was encouraged to seek help. Since I was young I have memories of my anxiety. Silly little worries always plaguing the back of my mind that shouldn’t be there. My dad is exactly the same in this way. He’ll overtake a car at 8am, and come 6pm he’ll still be panicking about whether it was the right thing to do and if it was safe. It’s safe to say I am almost his twin. I’m that person who can talk to someone and utter a phrase wrong, and days later that scenario is still spinning round in my mind, haunting me and taunting at me. Telling me how I should have acted and what I could have done differently. This has been constant.

I never saw it as a problem. You know, everyone worries don’t they? It was just this year where it hit me that maybe it was a bit more than normal worries. I was trying to do a degree in education studies to become a teacher, but the workload was stressing me out so I had to drop out. In the phases of this I was volunteering at my local infant school, but I only managed a few weeks before I had to stop. And I did this in a cowardly way too. My brain kept telling me that I wasn’t doing well enough, that nobody liked me at the school etc. I also had stupid worries about whether I would be late or whether there would be a car parking space by the time I got there. These seem like such pathetic little worries which you probably read and go, ‘okay no parking, go somewhere else’ because that is the easiest solution. But my brain doesn’t let me see it that way. It got too much and I was freaking out on the Friday when I was due at the school on the Monday, so I had to drop out of this too.

It’s around this time my boyfriend encouraged me to go see a doctor. This was probably the best decision I’ve made in my life. I walked into that doctor’s room and I just burst into tears as soon as he asked how I was. The poor doctor didn’t even know the reason I had made an appointment, and the poor guy had to deal with me crying as soon as I walked in!

Now I’m not saying anti depressant’s and seeing someone is the miracle cure. Because it isn’t. I still struggle. I still have days that my brain refuses to let me leave my house. But for the majority of my days, my worries are clouded. They are in the back of my brain being muffled. The volume is on mute. But I can achieve goals now.

For example, today I went for an interview! Again, you’re probably thinking ‘that’s nothing’, which I understand. But my god with the brain that I have it took some work. For some reason my brain couldn’t comprehend that when I applied for jobs, that I’d have to go to interviews?! Who knew?

Now I still panicked. I still freaked out the initial phone call to arrange it. I still considered cancelling the whole time I was getting ready. I still worried about whether I would find my way there or whether there was parking whilst I was driving there.

But I did it.

And to me, that’s an achievement. And I’m proud of myself today. Today, for one little day, I beat my anxiety.

This blog post had no actual point. I started with an aim to discuss mental health and ended on a ramble about myself, oh well. But as a sign off point, you’re not alone. There are doctors, there’s family, there are friends. God, there’s even strangers. The best talks and advice that I have received when I’ve been at my lowest have been strangers who follow me on twitter.

The point? Reach out. Email me if you want, I’m always free believe me.

Thank you,

Charlotte x

My first venture…

My first venture…

So this is my first blog post. Honestly, I feel like I’ll start by boring you all to death but we have to start somewhere, right?

Today is the day I decided that I needed to kick myself in the arse and actually get a move on with playing my life. I have goals, dreams and ambitions. Don’t we all? My main goal in life is to be comfortably happy. I don’t care about money levels or house size or my car, I just want happiness. My life right now, stuck working in a supermarket, living at home, travelling back and forth to my boyfriends…it’s not what I strive for.

I strive for my own home. A home that I can decorate however I please with anything I admire.

I dream to have children. Children I can adore and spoil and cherish, and lead them to happy fulfilled lives where they too can believe and achieve their dreams.

I want to do what I please. I have no dream job. People call me a liar or lazy when I say this, but it’s true. There is not a single job in my mind, even when I sit and really really try and think, I have nothing. You know those people who say that they couldn’t sit at home 24/7 doing nothing? I’m not one of those people.

I could so happily spend the rest of my life at home. And that’s what I want. I want to achieve a life and income with a career that helps me achieve this. It’s doable. I know it is. Anything is when you set your mind to it.

So with a combined task of blogging, instagramming and social media marketing and networking, I’m going to get myself there.

Follow my journey maybe?